April 4th, 2003

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Yet more moribund thoughts:

I heard the ranges of launch of the Iraqi strike missiles that have been fired on Kuwait, and they are generally longer than the permissable range under the peace treaty signed at the end of Gulf War I. This ought to be a sufficient smoking gun, but I suspect that no matter what we find, the world community will vilify us.

In keeping with a previous post, I heard a woman on NPR talking about her feelings about having a son in the combat zone, and how she's doing everything she can to end the war. She started with the vehement premise that "War Must Be Avoided At All Cost". Some people learn nothing from history. The corollary to that presumption is that there is no reason at all to fight, even protection of innocents, or defense of one's country from invaders. I bristled, but later last night, on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno had as a guest Dennis Miller, who said that he was convinced by how hard we were trying to avoid civilian casualties, and that he had never been so proud to be an American. He also stated that this is a "good" war. And the argument continues....
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