April 8th, 2003

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It's long past time that I update; things have been busy.

First of all, I've forgotten in my dismay over the war to describe my DVD perambulations. On the evening after the war started, I drowned myself in Starship Troopers, obviously a stretch. Still like the parts that really seem to be from the original book but I bristle at the parts that aren't from it. When I was oncall the weekend ending March, Bridget watched a number of "chick flicks". I asked her to hold onto My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and we did watch it. Very cool, and in many ways it recalls our own wedding. I think it'll be a classic. Then, to be sweet, she rented Monsters, Inc. and Tuxedo. Monsters, Inc. was a beautifully done piece of work, proving to me that Pixar has their feces aggregated. I don't think that we've missed a single work of theirs now. Tuxedo, on the other hand, though amusing in that Jackie Chan way, didn't quite cut it. It was another "tip of the hat" works, this one emulating Bond films, but I just didn't find it as amusing as I have the other films of his that I've seen. Finally, I picked up The Three Musketeers, and The Four Musketeers, with Charlton Heston as the Cardinal. To me, this is the definitive film for the book, even if it is two films. I love watching the combats in these two...brilliantly filmed and shot.

I've been doing some more pondering, and I find myself agreeing with the concerns that not enough troops have been sent. I agree....they need more garrison troops, police, and logistical support troops than they have right now to keep the rear areas safe and supplied. It probably wouldn't have hurt to have another armor division involved to help with security of their rear areas, as well.

Mrs.Martian: going to give us something to read, anytime soon?
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Last weekend

Friday night, collapse. Sleep. Snore.

Saturday opens with Bridget and I going to our nephew's softball game some distance away. He got a single, a double, and scored a run, however, he wasn't really focussed on the game. I saw him sitting in the outfield, and tossing his glove around. The coach apparently didn't notice. Saturday night, more work, finished two nursing homes.

Sunday! We went to the perfect place to live (a condo/rental complex in Marina del Rey) to participate in a costume making/weapon making/gaming/eating activity related primarily to Dungeonmaster. Some of the cast, some of the old audience, some of the auditioners to the cast and some of the new audience attended... lots of shirts and pants and other materials were completed as well as several padded weapons. Lots of eating got done as well, and Mike A. won a game of Bosworth.

All in all, a rather good weekend.

Need more sleep.
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