April 15th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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Past Due Update:

Here's hoping no guerilla movement occurs in Iraq. 'Nough said.

Finished yet another book yesterday: this one is Sharpe's Havoc, by Bernard Cornwell, which is a novel set in the Napoleonic Wars about a character that some of you might have seen Sean Bean play on PBS. This one precedes the TV series, and follows his adventures in Portugal. I enjoy this series and this book is a solid addition.

Spent Sunday watching the new Harry Potter DVD, and I really enjoyed watching the additional scenes, especially the one in Knockturn Alley. (If you see the scene, you'll know the one I mean). The kids are growing up. Only a few months more until the next installment.

Dungeonmaster took place Friday night, and I sold tickets and concessions. The new venue is small, but that seems to add to the intimacy of the totality. The show went very well; they were breaking in 4 new cast members, of whom 3 were former audience (yay!). The two new players from the audience seemed to have had a great time. We can only hope that we'll grow back to weekly over time.

Ran the World of the Three Moons (my game) on Saturday, and that's the last time I'm following Dungeonmaster with my game the next day. I'm too tired for that any more. It's either going to be on Sunday, or it'll be on weekends not including DM. I'm too old for this.
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Dead Dog Cat

And a bit about the Gray Mouser

As long as I have something a bit odd to add, I may as well post again, today:

My spouse (Forestcats...sorry, I have yet to learn how to post a link here to her LJ) has written a couple of times about a cat that we have who's 19 years old or so, and who we raised from an eyes-closed kitten abandoned on the streets of Chicago. He is king of all he surveys, but he had a hard winter, and spent much of it asleep on the kitchen table.

However, the last few weeks, he awakens and climbs upstairs while I'm showering; once I open the door, he rushes into the tub and ... I guess he helps himself to the water that remains in the tub ... Anyway, this morning, he was waiting for me to get in the shower, and wouldn't leave when I closed the door. I started up the water (to let it heat up), and he stuck his face in the tub. He shook his whiskers and then proceeded to stand next to the door, demanding release. I guess it was just too much water to be acceptable. I'm glad I can be useful as the doorman for Your Majesty.

On the other hand, we have adopted an Australian Shepherd that we've renamed Sirius. Whenever my spouse waters the garden, she has to spend some time and water spraying the dog, as she seems to love biting the stream of water (gargling?). Pets are so curious!
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