April 20th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat


Collapsed yesterday for much too long. Had to sleep 'til well into the afternoon, unusual for me, but the body commands and I follow.

Late last week, I finished yet another book: A Murder on the Appian Way by Steven Saylor. Once again, a pretty good read that leaves me with a better understanding of Roman history, not a bad end result. I'll be moving on to the next book of the series (Rubicon) soon.

Friday, forestcats called me to order me to stop at Borders! Hello, says I to myself, what could this mean. It turns out that the Renaissance Pleasure Faire was giving away two free tickets to anyone spending $40 or more at the local area stores of this chain, and that they were also having a buy three get one free sale! Thus, I am now the proud owner of another 4 books, huzzah, and with the two that forestcats got, we have 4 free tickets to Faire, huzzah again!

Friday night was roller skating with thefreak at his birthday party. I actually got up on skates, but my left ankle, long ago injured in volleyball, didn't hold up very well. No falls, but only once around the rink. We followed that up by stopping at a grocery store and supplying the party with foodstuffs to go with the ice cream cake that thefreak had for his enjoyment.

Today, costuming all day at our place, who knows how many folks'll attend. Off to more cleaning in advance of their arrival.
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