May 1st, 2003


More flying objects!

OK, what a way to start the morning (well, not start, exactly, but you'll get what I mean in a moment):

I was standing next to my car in the back parking lot of a nursing home, when I began to hear a droning, thunderous sound approaching. After the adventure of the B-17, I decided to postpone boarding my vehicle, and watched the sky overhead. Not five hundred feet overhead flew a WWII vintage B-25, the type used in the Doolittle Raid in 1942...good grief, it was loud! I'm sure that there must be an airshow in the near future at Chino Airport...too much history otherwise.

Then, about forty minutes later, sitting just out of my car in a hospital parking lot, I suddenly noticed this year's first Monarch butterfly.....

What's with me and this aerial display?
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    The President flying in a combat aircraft on CNN

and yet more aircraft.....

The Presidential aircraft carrier landing has gotten CNN really up in arms....they are burbling about arrestor cables, crash crews, stand-off helicopters and so on and so on....

The Viking aircraft that the President arrived in had been modified: it had George W. Bush, Commander-In-Chief stenciled on it where they usually put the pilot's name. Amusing.

It's funny that the news are following Bush around the deck of the ship where he's being crowded by sailors and airmen (and I'm not seeing any Secret Service agents, or at least, not obvious ones). They just can't seem to move on to other things going on in the world. Strange.
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