May 7th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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Lots happened in the interim...

Friday night we had planned to go to X2 but it didn't happen. Still haven't seen it, and all those LJ posts that don't include spoiler warnings are SO appreciated. Maybe later this week?

In the last 8 workdays, the earliest I've gotten home is 7:30 PM, that only once, and it's often midnight. And, once again, I'm oncall tonight. Grumble, grumble...

Saturday: Niece's birthday in the San Fernando Valley. forestcats has plenty to say on that subject. Then a quick stop at Mike & Liz's for a quick howdy-doo, then back to home to meet up with Derek and Theresa (sp?); we stopped at the Old Spaghetti Factory, and then went to see the Capitol Steps concert at Cal Tech. They had us in stitches, and I bought their latest, and their previous CDs at the table out front. If you don't know them, you should check them out...they do parodies of well-known music, making fun of current events. They've been around quite a while; back into the 80s, and some of the material is classic.

Sunday: tooled down to LAX as some friends were passing through on the way to Hawaii. forestcats is making her a wedding dress, and after we ate at a really good Cuban restaurant called Versailles in Redondo Beach, she measured and pinned Beth for a while. We wandered some after that, and then met Mike & Liz to see their acquaintance who is the lead singer for Clear Blue when they played The Gig on Melrose in Hollywood. Fair music; I liked her last song "30 Seconds" very much. Then, to Pink's hot dog stand around the corner for a dog, and home.

Listening to odd things in the car, now that I have a vehicular boom box, I heard Jello Biafra's 4th spoken word album; The Reduced Shakespeare Company's rendition of the Bible; and two comedy CDs by Bill Engvall. Merriment indeed from the latter two.

Monday morning, driving up to the doctor's parking space at a local nursing home, I was faced down by a jack rabbit, who refused to give up his parking space. We stared at each other for a few moments, and then he decided to nibble on the local greenery; he didn't run off, and stayed near my car for a good five minutes while I caught up on a couple of phone calls. Brave bunny!

At home, pandemonium all three bathrooms are tiled, and the work (done by forestcats and her parents) is excellent. They also have repaired the long-broken master bathroom shower, and are putting in a shower door in the guest bathroom. Very cool! Excellent work! Great price!
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Dead Dog Cat

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A couple of things forgotten earlier need discussion.

I finished A Mist of Prophecies by Steven Saylor a couple of days ago, the most recent of his Roma Sub Rosa series of novels. Another good read, and I will await his next Roman foray. He's published two novels not set in Rome, but I remain disinterested. Has anyone else read them?

I'm rushing through the new Terry Pratchett novel The Wee Free Men....whoopee!
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