May 13th, 2003

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How to catch up?

Friday: After work (shudder), cleaned house in advance of the arrival of friends who were spending the next day with us. Played PS2 on Mike's rig, using Baldur's Gate. Did OK as the dwarf.

Saturday: The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Devore, CA, AKA Southern Faire. Food quality was worse than I recall; more folks in costume, fewer street players, fewer booths, items more expensive...i.e. I didn't enjoy myself all that much.
On the way home with Mike & Liz, we stopped at the grocery store and arranged a feast of home made soft tacos (yum!). Almost made up for the lousy (and did I mention, expensive?) food at Faire.

Sunday: OK, so I didn't arrange things as well as I should, but horseback riding on our two geldings turned out well. forestcats rode Tully, while I rode Fiddle. Later, we vegged out on an episode of Six Feet Under on the DVD (6th episode of the first season). (Note: I've been watching the B5 second season DVDs, and I'm up to #12 of 22).

Monday: Work, and then I bailed so we could finally catch a film. We went to X2 (forestcats noticed that it's become so expensive to go to the theater, that it's cheaper to buy the DVD and watch it at home than to go out for the damn things); and we enjoyed it. I don't read Xmen as a comic, but I thought that the screenwriter managed to suggest a lot of depth to the material, and that it looks solid for more sequels that might just be better and better. Loved Nightcrawler...I wonder why he and Mystique are blue, though?

Also note, I finished two books over the weekend. One of them is an Osprey Men-at-Arms series book The Tribes of the Sioux Nation. This series is essentially intended to give solid background material for gamers, especially for miniatures, as there are color plates to use as templates for paintwork. I really have liked this series over time, and I've collected a lot of them that have given me material for my RPG gaming.

I also read E. Godz, by Robert Aspirin (whose Myth series I really like), and E. Friesner, whose work I've never read. I really didn't like this one much, but just barely enough to keep reading, hoping that they might turn things around for me at the last minute, which they didn't. The book is about a woman who runs a company supplying something to a variety of groups who do various magical things....of some sort. For the most part, we don't get much of a magic feeling about the situation. If you can't tell, it just didn't click for me, and I kept reading only out of loyalty to Aspirin (though I have to admit, I haven't read all his work, as I haven't been stimulated to pursue much of his work.

Too bad, huh?

I'll be finishing The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman soon, so I talk about that later.
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