May 16th, 2003

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Survived oncall night last night...I even had 3.5 hours of uninterupted sleep. Whew.

I've been spending a lot of time with an enormously extended family whose patriarch is very ill. It's taken some work, but I think that they are finally getting a reasonable idea of how sick the gentleman is, and we are making progress in dealing with the family's needs (as the patient is sliding down the slippery slope and may not be able to be hauled back up by anything we could do). They seem to be very appreciative of having their needs heard, and responded to if appropriate, or explained if not. I just hope he'll still be there when I get back Monday.

Tonight is Dungeonmaster! This is going to be a feast month for the play, as there will be a show tonight, and two shows Memorial Day weekend at the local game convention. It's sounding suspiciously as though tonight's show may be SRO! Won't that cause consternation in the ranks. forestcats has ordered T-Shirts with the Dungeonmaster logo on black cotton, and they will debut tonight; hopefully we will be able to sell enough to recoup our costs, and the profit thereafter will go towards paying for the next (several?) shows. Any of you folks out there reading this live in the LA area? Come to the show...take a peek at the web site:

So, I'm not a capable technogeek yet, and can't post a sue me...

I've managed to watch a few more of the second season DVDs from Babylon 5...13-16 actually, though I haven't yet listened to the commentary track for 16. It appears that somewhere along the way, I never saw episode 13 either the first time around, or in reruns, so it was very cool watching Lenier's behavior, especially when he was being protective of Delenn. I wonder if I missed any other second season episodes?

I'm not hearing good responses from the critics about Matrix Reloaded, which doesn't really mean that I won't go to see it, but may slow my rush to the theater. So far, what I'm reading here and other places that people discuss things of this nature on the web doesn't seem to scream the need to fight my way through the crowds to watch the movie. I'm thinking, Monday night, maybe. If I can finish work early enough.
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