May 19th, 2003


What a weekend

So we start the weekend rushing to North Hollywood to pick up the newly-made T-shirts for Dungeonmaster (the play... see They were outstanding, with excellent material, and excellent silk screening of the logo. The first 15 were sold quickly before the show started. Outstanding.

The show was fun, as an emeritus cast member came back and played as an audience member. (Dungeonmaster is a play, mostly improv, which has 6 volunteers from the audience act as members of a "party" who attempt to complete the adventure). Things got rather out of hand, not unexpectedly, with this former cast member tickling various corpses onstage....I ended up called onstage, as one of my characters had special powers, and I was summoned by spell to use them.

We had a great Cheesesteak sandwich before the show...unfortunately, they close at 9PM, and the show doors don't open until 10:30, but sometimes it's worth the effort.

Stayed out very late. I did a bit of work in the afternoon, and then forestcats and I went to Gardena to meet a group, eating at a place called Lomeli's, which appears to be a small Mom & Pop Italian restaurant, with excellent food. From there, we went to see Suki in a play made up of playlets written by David Ives. Some were fun, and Suki did a good job with her parts. We hung out with the folks for a while afterwards at a bowling alley next door, and I bowled for the first time in 30 years (the best I've ever done = 127. I was no where near that Saturday night/Sunday morning).

Sunday had forestcats and I looking for research material at a nearby Borders; I was looking for material to make up a business plan; forestcats was looking for home business materials. We then went out to do a bit more of my work, and then sat and chatted with some friends at their home. Dinner at a fastfood Indian restaurant in Claremont, and then watched the DVD for The Matrix...or I did, anyway. At least, she didn't snore. Or if she had, it would have been drowned out by the beagle.

Whew. Then there's next weekend! Two shows of Dungeonmaster at the Gamex gaming convention......
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