May 25th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

Gamex, day one.

Friday night, we loaded the truck with props that the show reported needing.

Saturday, we showed up at Gamex in advance of the Dungeonmaster crew; set up a table, and started selling T-Shirts; as long as we were there anyway, we sold used books that had been waiting to go to the store for trade.

The crowd gobbled up many of the books, and a few T-Shirts (what's not to like, black cotton, red silk-screened front and back with the Dungeonmaster logos). The crew started arriving, and we struck the table; I started getting people to prepare characters, and then at about 3:30, we opened the theater, and started the show. Basically, the party members were mostly overwhelmed by a 9-year-old...and she devastated the script. I can't wait for Sunday's show to see what should have happened....

While wandering the con, I found a few Osprey books that I couldn't resist; a couple of cheap DVDs, and not much else. I didn't actually have any time for gaming.

forestcats and I drove one of the cast home to Sherman Oaks, and then she and I spent a couple of hours entertaining my mother, who has been home recovering from a total knee replacement. We offered to learn to play mah-jong (sp?), which caused her extreme excitement....and she cheated!!!!! She was so cute! Then, home, and to bed to rest up for day 2.
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