May 27th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

Gamex day 2 and Monday BBQ

Day two at Gamex went well. The show Dungeonmaster was much better this time, and ten or eleven folks got onstage. I ran the lights again, but did a better job this time. After the show, we had a long talk about the show with the director, and he spoke to us about the possibility of making a list of the show's monsters, with photos and art. Another project, huzzah!

Thai food that evening, and I fell asleep watching Animatrix on the VCR from a tape that I bought at the con.

Monday we left the house very early, and arrived at the beach still socked in by clouds, though no fog. We beat the next folks by almost two hours; I unloaded the truck, and we waited. Once people started showing, things exploded. In the end, we had about 25 folks at the Beach BBQ; over 6 of them were cast members; two were fellows who had just seen Dungeonmaster for the first time the day previous. A great day.

On Sunday, I finished three more Osprey books:

Warrior #64: Ninja AD 1460 - 1650
This one contains information about the dirty trick items they typically carried; and a bit about their history. Useful for gamemasters.

Warrior #67: The Cossacks 1799 - 1815
Not the whole history of these tribes and their use by the Russians, but just the Napoleonic period. Interesting.

Men-at-Arms #13: The Cossacks
More of their history, covering a much wider period.
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