June 5th, 2003

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Just finished Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda by Joel Rosenberg (preceded by Not Exactly the Three Musketeers, and Not Quite Scaramouche....these three are sequels to Rosenbergs Guardians of the Flame series of books which are all fantasy novels of D&D players from a Michigan college ending up in a fantasy world, and their effect on that world, and its effect on them). As part of a series, it's pretty fair; it holds my interest, and I like what I read as far as most of the characterizations. It really doesn't stand alone, though, as much of the conflict and interest builds from the rest of the series...I'd only recommend this book if you have been following from the start.

I'm oncall again tonight, without having recovered yet from the weekend oncall that's just passed. I'm hoping for an easy day, and certain things are conspiring to make it so, so I will plug along, and do what must be done, and leave other things for later. Then, home, watch a movie, or read a book (another book, that is), and to bed early, so that when I get 15 or 20 calls between 10PM and 7AM, I'll be in better shape.

I can't seem to generate the enthusiasm that I want to for the show tomorrow...I'm really shagged out, and it's showing to those around me. However, if the night is quiet tonight, I expect I'll have a burst of energy and excitement at Dungeonmaster. I really do want to be ready for razzle-dazzle, and be a tummeler for the crowd before the show starts. We'll see, but the best news of all is that the show will be at 8PM instead of 10:30, so even if we go for drinks after the show, like they did last year after all was done, I'll still get home relatively early; I can use the sleep.

I've added several more friends to my list on LJ. I'm feeling really comfortable in this environment; it reminds me of the BBSs of a generation (or more) earlier. We had a lot of interesting activities and discussions with the Belching Dragon Inn & Tavern; even though it still exists (sort of) via the internet, it hasn't really been the same...LJ gives that same old feel.

To all and sundry: be well!