June 10th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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The weekend was a busy one.

Friday night, we rushed out to a hotel near LAX to participate in Dungeonmaster; the cast had been hired to put on the show at Fan Odyssey, a con which celebrates the Highlander saga. The show went well, several of the audience members brought onstage had good lines or scenes, and then the cast signed T-shirts after the show...that seemed to spark them all a great deal. After that, we retired to the bar for a couple of drinks, and shmoozing with the con folk.

Saturday I ran my Rolemaster campaign, The World of the Three Moons. We had four new players: Anna, Ryan, Reggie, and anniethemun. They fit in rapidly, and even though they are significantly behind the older players in level, they participated very well. I only wish I could run again, soon, but there's too much planned for the near future, and I don't forsee any available time for a few weeks. Apparently, while we were messing about in the house with one thing or another, forestcats and a few of the gamers ended up bareback riding in the corral; later we feasted on sausages and hot dogs. Yum!

Sunday I worked, got a haircut, and we visited a local Thai restaurant for Tom Kha Kai. Following that, we stopped at girlwonder_01 to visit her family's new chihuahua, and hang for a bit to chat with her family and herself. Got home, collapsed.

Monday after work, we negotiated. More about that when all is finished.

I have a tune playing over and over in my head, see below.
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Dead Dog Cat

My wife, the interviewer:

1. When you were 5, 10, 15 what did you want to become?

5 - Doctor
10 - Doctor
15 - Teacher

Now I'm a bit of both, no?

2. How much of your life is spent in imagination?

Perhaps 5% in my own, and perhaps 10% in someone else's (books, games, friend's game worlds, Dungeonmaster)

3. What makes you a good doctor?

Looking at the whole person, not just some small part that isn't working right.

4. When did you fall in love with forestcats?

Before my conscious mind really realized it. Before forestcats had that confrontation with Peggy.

5. How long until we start to travel in elephants?

Too long. But I'd like to practice occasionally.
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Dead Dog Cat

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Just finished a book by Patrick Larkin, a good friend of mine. Released in paperback on 6/3, it is:
The Tribune

I enjoyed this book a great deal. It takes place in Ancient Rome, early in the Imperial period. The action occurs in the provinces of Syria, and Judea. Telling anymore would be too much of a spoiler