June 13th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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Finished another Peter Heck novel from the Mark Twain series of stories this morning. This one was called The Guilty Abroad, and was set in London, using the Sherlock Holmes stories character Inspector Lestrade as one of those involved. This one was a fairly good read, but not as interesting as the previous ones. It may be because I've read a number of works set in Victorian London, and so it didn't bring out much that was new to me. In any case, I now move on to the next book of the series, The Mysterious Strangler, set in Florence, Italy.

Last night, in fatigue, I watched Roughnecks: The Hydora Campaign. I really think that the animated series gave a better, more Heinlein-esque feel to their story-lines than did the motion picture. I wasn't bored in any way watching this one. I hope I'm not damning it with faint praise.

Also watched several Monty Python episodes including one I'd never seen before, from the DVD set. Not half bad, though, exhausted, I fell asleep...

Can't wait to get home tonight...I'll be spending the time cleaning up the house (dishes, moving things into back rooms, trash, etc.) as tomorrow, after the Ren Faire, we're going to host a BBQ. I look forward to this, as we enjoy having folks over, and dig entertaining. So, very dead cow will be charred for eating pleasure! Yum!
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