June 17th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat


The weekend could have been overwhelming. It ended up busy but oddly restful.

Friday night, cleaning. Many things were finished, most were not.

Saturday morning, continuing cleaning. First partier arrived several hours before the BBQ, and was chased away after leaving his chosen soft drinks in the house (rather than his hot auto trunk). When we reached a certain level of completed clean-up, we left for the Renaissance Faire. Having been there earlier in the year, I wasn't expecting much, and we didn't plan to stay long, so as to get back before the partiers gathered at our place. We opened with meeting up with Doron and his mother Bonnie. We ended up hanging with them, showing them the ropes, as they have rarely gone to Faire. Among the day's activities: I found the Piroshkis from the Greek Food stand to be acceptable, though much too expensive; forestcats forced me to take the stage during the Swordsmen ("Bold and Stupid Men") show, which prompted one of the audience to ask us afterwards if I was a professional (*glow*); at various times we bumped into Buddy (at the Drum booth), Chris (AKA Flipper), thefreak and rhondaar, and others I can't recall. We finally left sometime between 2:30 and 3, to continue readying the house. Ryan and ladyarcana55 showed up with Reggie (sp?) and annthemun, and promptly started making up a batch (gallons!) of home-made teriyaki sauce for the steaks and chicken. More and more people showed, including nearly everybody that we met at the Faire (as intended), as well as most of the folk from Dungeonmaster that generally party at these affairs. Several of the folk working Faire stayed overnight, and left for their work from our place. The last to go went at about 8:30 AM Sunday.

Sunday after getting up at about 6:30 to help escort those who needed wake-up calls out the door, I went back to bed 2 hours later and slept some more. Then, up and at 'em, off to my youngest sister's house to hang for Father's Day. We swam with the nieces and nephew, feted my Dad, my sister's husband, and his Dad, and then wandered off to spend a bit of time with Mike A. Hung with him at Mon Sushi on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks; then home and to bed.

Busy? A bit. But oddly restful.
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