June 24th, 2003

us two in Chicago


Finished another book this morning: Mysterious Strangler by Peter J. Heck. Set in Florence, Italy, in the 1890s, Mark Twain and his personal secretary try to identify the murderer of a young woman at the same time as finding out the secret behind a stolen painting by Raphael.

Once again, the story and mystery isn't quite as interesting as the characterizations and the setting, but they seem to be fairly well-done. Not great literature, but an engaging read, nonetheless.

Starting with Friday night: The show in the same venue that Dungeonmaster occupies decided to start late, and forced us to start 30 minutes later than we should have. The episode, written by Suki and thefreak, dealt with what happens when one of the Endless takes a vacation. Not much combat, and very few spells used.

Saturday: Packing up quickly after the show, we met Liz & Mike at our place, and at 2:30AM, headed for Las Vegas, arriving at 6:15AM. Oy, what a drive. We checked into a room, containing 8 of us to start with, and most of us immediately collapsed. I slept about 2.5 hours, then woke forestcats; we dressed and headed over to my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah. The service was wonderful, the young man did a great job, and the Rabbi was a woman! Very enjoyable every which way. We then headed out to the hotel (Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort) where the partying started. The meal was quite good, but we bugged out early, to get some rest. Our friends had moved into their own rooms as soon as they were readied, and had headed out to the Strip, so we fell back asleep, waking once and for all at about 8:30PM, and followed them to the Strip, meeting two of them at the Bellagio. We all watched the dancing waters there, and wandered a bit over to Caesar's Palace; back to the hotel at hour unknown (no clocks in the casinos, and I took off my watch).

Sunday: We met the Bar Mitzvah party back at the resort (omighod, you wouldn't believe how that area looks...an oasis in the midst of a desert hill region), where a couple of my old friends left me feeling good and bad because they obviously miss me, but we see each other two or three times every two years. Then, off to my in-laws for forestcats to spend some quality time with them. She and her mother reviewed some internet usage, hopefully to improve my MIL's techniques with things like sharing jpgs. Then we went off to meet the crowd at NY/NY casino. After some wandering and chattering, we all agreed that we were nearly tapped out for gambling (I hadn't intended to gamble much at all, and had already dropped about $20). So, off we went to the international buffet at the Rio. There, we had dinner for a fairly reasonable price, though not nearly as inexpensive as those buffets used to be. Food was generally pretty good there, though I wouldn't recommend the sushi...doesn't taste at all fresh. Finishing the evening, we all ended up in our hotel room, running a few activities related to my Rolemaster RPG (and thereby not dropping more money into one-armed bandits.)

Monday: Brunch at the Hard Rock Casino...so-so. Then heading back to LA area, we stopped at a Costco in Victorville, and picked up a copy of Harry Potter, which forestcats gets to read first. As it was Mike's birthday, we took the two of them out to dinner at Tutti Mangia, a very good restaurant in Claremont, CA, to finish the evening.

Tuesday: back to work.
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