June 28th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

yet another book report

Yesterday, I finished Iron & Silk, by Mark Salzman; the author apparently has a couple of novels written, which I have no experience with; the book was a recommendation from a 365 Books a Year calendar. I'm glad I searched this one out. The book deals with a number of vignettes taken from a two-year experience of the author's in which he travelled to China to teach English at a medical school, and from where he learned a number of Chinese martial arts as well as philosophies and crafts such as calligraphy. I found this a very interesting read, as it showed a number of cultural differences between our two nations. It was a fast read, and written in a very accessible style. Highly recommended.

I have to note that I manage to get much of my reading done while waiting on hold, or waiting for some other doctor to call me back when I'm trying to plan treatment for hospitalized patients.... Can you gather I spend far too much time on hold?
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