July 4th, 2003

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While she is "reading" the new Harry Potter, my wife forestcats stopped a bit (because she doesn't want to have to wait for the next book) and read the following novel; she then demanded that I stop what I was reading, and read this one as well.

I finished in just under two days:

Tuesdays with Morrie

This book was excellent. It took a difficult theme, death, gave it life, and meaning, and left you thinking, without getting into heavy language. It was simple, honest, and superior.

I truly think this is a classic book that will stay with us a long time.

As to my week, we had a physician leave our group, and the work dynamics have shifted severely. I was oncall until 20 minutes ago; I really need to get some sleep, but today is beach day, and we are meeting a number of people down by LAX to get sand in our food. Yay!

My game goes on tomorrow. I have some wicked ideas for the players, of whom about six post here and are likely to have read this before the game. (evil laughter wakes the cats)

Hopefully, Sunday will be a bit restful. If not, I'm planning on spending my birthday with forestcats up at Big Bear Lake, in a rented bungalow, to get some down time and rest.
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