July 10th, 2003

Mr. Princess


Yes, I know it's Thursday already, but that should give you an idea how my week has been going.

Thursday night:

Home and crash.


forestcats and I try to join with the Dungeonmaster crowd at Dock Weiler beach at the end of LAX's runway, but that fails to occur, as does the fallback of going to Marina del Rey (to the "Perfect Place to Live"), and we end up at Liz & Mike's unexpectedly; they came through this with flying colors.


Had a few things to do in the morning, but all afternoon and evening it was World of the Three Moons (my rpg). Had 12 players lounging around the living room, and forestcats made exquisite pizzas which were devoured rapidly. Several players and NPCs were taken out, but hard work revived three of them.


Went to the San Fernando Valley, primarily to gift my nephew with the Star Wars Trilogy in VHS (he's never seen them); partially to pass flyers for Dungeonmaster in the area around the theater; partially to take my parents out to dinner at The Great Greek, a very good Greek restaurant in Sherman Oaks.


Back to work. OY.
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