July 13th, 2003

baby Mouser


I know that the weekend isn't over yet, but still, I figure I might not have time to update this week, just like last week (or two), and I might as well get to it.

Friday night I stopped working and got home by 7 (forestcats ordered me to be home by 5:30...I tried, really I did), and loaded my car with various packages. Then off to the mountains. East of Los Angeles is a couple of mountain surrounded lakes. forestcats and I prefer Big Bear for reasons that aren't clear to either of us. There is a small multi-cabin motel along the main highway just outside of town that we've used often. The cabins are equipped with a bed, bathroom, kitchenette, jacuzzi, and fireplace. Great for relaxing. We arrived at about 9PM, and unloaded the car. The office had been closed for an hour, but since we had a reservation, forestcats called them and they left the key under the mat. Having unloaded, we wandered Big Bear Lake, looking for a restaurant. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants have big pretensions, but limited quality. I ate a dish with undercooked scallops, and pasta in a sweet creamy sauce that really wasn't to my taste, I'm sorry to say. Then, back to the room, to soak in the jacuzzi, and to bed.

Saturday we took our time getting up. Ate some of the cheeses that forestcats had purchased in advance, and had loaded into the refrigerator on our arrival. Then out to wander the neighborhood. Walks, window shopping and browsing. I bought a packet of Buffalo Jerky for a friend who loves beef jerky. We ate at a local place known for its lunches, and had adequate food. Then back to our room, where I (boringly) napped for three hours. Evening, we ate a place called The Log Cabin, which has been a restaurant up there for decades, and they don't take themselves too seriously. I had Sauerbraten, which was tasty, while my beloved had veal schnitzl. Then, back into the village to catch a film. Used to be one screen in town, now there's two theaters with 5 screens between them. I chose to pass on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen until it comes out in DVD, but we did go and see Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm speechless. This was so much better than I could have possibly imagined. It makes me wonder whether the Haunted Mansion movie could possibly be even a fraction as good? When we got back to the room, more cheese, and popped open a bottle of Fetzer Gerwurztraminer (yum). I decided to save the 1980 bottle of port to share with friends as well as spouse.

Sunday, more lazing about and eating more of the cheese. Then pack up the car, and wander the area. We stopped by the Discovery Center on the north side of the lake. Some interesting exhibits, though I think it's real reason to exist is to raise money that the government no longer gives the Forest Service to do its work. Then, a quick grab at McDs, and off down the mountain. Stopped in a couple of stores devoted to pets so that forestcats could pick up equipment for the furtherance of our (relatively) new Australian Shepherd's education in Agility Training, and then back home to find that 5 LJ members recognized my birthday (many thanks!)

Whew! Busy.
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