July 23rd, 2003

us two in Chicago

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First, I finished Calahan's Con by Spider Robinson yesterday. Anyone who hasn't read anything in this series of short stories and novels should start with the collection Calahan's Crosstime Saloon. The novels deal with a bar...it started out on Long Island, and has since moved to Key West. The tales deal with the barfolk dealing with odd people who end up there...including a vampire, a werewolf, an AI, etc. Fun reads all of them. This one had a bit of an unexpected ending that would only make sense if you've read the other tales.

Then, this morning I got out the door late to work due to finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Bittersweet. Can't say more without spoilers, but I plowed through 870 pages of the thing only reading during morning ablutions or just before bed for a bit less than a week. Not bad for an old man...

I've been getting home late, still, but last night I basically said "screw it" and came home relatively early. forestcats had rubbed a couple of steaks with her standard (delicious) rub, and on my suggestion (and using her excellent technique) she made a sauce on the side from Roaring Forties Australian blue cheese and sour cream. Yum doesn't even start to tell it. To add more flavor yet, she sliced up some home-grown tomatoes from our yard...my goodness, you can't get this flavor at stores at all anymore. So, I'm a bit better rested today than yesterday. Considering how my oncall weekend was, I'm shocked I'm doing this well.

Missed Dungeonmaster, including a Guardian of the Flame episode. Resigned to it, but not happy about it. I should be able to attend next month.

One good thing on the horizon is our weekend plans: World of the Three Moons on Saturday, and the Orange County (CA) Fair on Sunday.
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