July 24th, 2003

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I saw, and purchased, another of the Osprey books, and you can probably guess why:

Osprey New Vanguard Series #70: The Pirate Ship 1660 - 1730.

I picture Captain Jack Sparrow coming in to dock, early in a certain movie...

Useful, interesting information, especially for Pirate Reinactment groups, or interested individuals.

In other thoughts, I'm oncall again, right now. Tons of work to do, too little time left in the month to do it. What's a mother to do...

I also dumped another novel; it's premise seemed so good, but once again, if it can't hold my interest to get even a few pages in, why struggle. The book was Warpath by Tony Daniel, and it supposes that American Indians, using birchbark canoes and some form of psychic powers, have managed to colonize the stars, and humans from Earth run into them. Sounds good, no? However, this fascinating idea just didn't drag me into the story. Oh, well, on to something by Robert Nye; The Late Mr. Shakespeare...
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