July 28th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat


Work continues to swamp me as the month ends, however, a quick discussion of this weekend's fun:

Friday: Rented some films for the following nights. Watched Analyze That, a complete waste of cellulose. Ugh. It flounders about, trying to decide what it wants to be.


World of the Three Moons; one of the party is trying to carve out a barony in the West, far from their typical base of operations. They've had a pretty good time of things, killing a wereboar, a basilisk, and capturing or recruiting various disenfranchised members of th Populace. When most left fairly early, forestcats and I watched Gangs of New York, which I understand is not very historical, and is much gorier than it needed to be. Interesting to watch; I'm glad I didn't spring to watch it theatrically.


Orange County (CA) Fair. Mostly boring, though a booth selling electrostim equipment to the general public was interesting; some of the red wines were quite good, but all in all it wasn't worth the admission price. Only another 6 weeks or so and the LA County Fair starts, a much different proposition. Afterwards, we ate at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which is a great restaurant which serves various dishes, a little at a time, each about an appetizer sized serving with superior quality food and drink. Love the place; we first experienced it at Orlando, FL when we went to medical conventions there; later, they opened at The Block at Orange, a large open air mall, and we've also eaten at the relatively new one at Universal Citywalk, near the Universal Tour. Anyway, I found out that they've got three more in the crowd, one of which is in Atlanta (hey, shadesong, are you reading this? If you go, I want a detailed description and what you thought of it!); one is in Memphis, I think, and one is in Ontario, Canada....Interesting spread....anyway, that's a digression....the food was as good as usual, they give you some nicely made hummous with pita and crackers for free, then we ordered steamed chicken and shrimp potstickers; hurricane shrimp, stuffed mushrooms with a blue cheese sauce, and something else that escapes me at the moment....dessert for me was chocolate ice cream and for forestcats it was raspberry creme brulee. um...then home for a movie, after despairing over the selection at two different Borders bookstores. We watched Spirited Away, which I thought was beautifully rendered, but it did seem a bit misogynistic, in that the little girl was given a very hard time of things. I really got a kick out of the radish spirit, though. I liked it; forestcats didn't, and I rarely make her watch anime for that reason (though I don't admit to being all that interested in very much anime when it comes right down to it: Lensman, Akira, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away...that's about it...)

and back to work today...
sorry about running on so long..........
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