August 5th, 2003

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Whoa, so much. It's typical that on Monday morning, the DSL was down, so I couldn't post, and then this morning I had two whole days worth of LJ to read first, and time ran out.

Friday, I took a day off. forestcats and I took our time that day, lazed a bit, then headed off to Costume College in Van Nuys. We had dinner with friends from Xcentricities (they make corsets, and I think their web address is who used to be the jewelers from Dragonspawn (which they still make, though less so than a few years ago; their jewelry shows up at After wandering their hucksters room (with forestcats picking up some source materials, some hardware, and some patterns for future costume use), we ended up taking their 17-year-old son home with us for the weekend. On to...

Late getting moving again, we headed out to Joanne's ETC for fabric for future use as windowshades for the master bedroom; Ontario Mills Mall so the young gentleman could wander a bit and enjoy, to Burbank to visit a shop called The Last Grenadier which happened to have IN STOCK the newish Rolemaster rulebook called Fire and Ice (though not The Armory), then dropped two blocks from the hotel to check out an Anime shop at Jamie's request, then off to the "College" to meet up with some non-LJ friends and the folks from Xcentricities so we could go to a Brazilian BBQ place in Burbank called Picanha. Yum! I pigged out in a big way. Afterwards, several of us ended up at the Xcentricities motel room, and chatted for a couple of hours.

The beach. forestcats and I with Jamie's willing assistance managed to load up everything we needed except a shovel, and stopped at the Albertson's for food and drink and ice and wood.... It was intended to be Suki's birthday party (Suki being a member of the Dungeonmaster cast), and I ended up doing much of the cooking over the firepit. We built up a bonfire after sunset, and got home after 11.

Monday night, while forestcats and the family from Xcentricities were out enjoying Disneyland and the California Adventure, I got home from work late, then got a copy of the Star Trek: Nemesis DVD as a rental, and watched...not bad. Worth the $3.79, not worth $9.50 x 2.

During the weekend, I also finished two Osprey books, one from the Elite series (Nelson's Navy) and one from the Men-At-Arms series (Medieval Russian Armies). Both interesting, though not as deep as I might have hoped for. Still slogging through two other books, one being the 4th Wheel of Time novel by Jordan, and the other The Late Mr. Shakespeare by Robert Nye.
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