August 18th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat


I finished the new Tom Clancy novel The Teeth of the Tiger a few days ago. As usual, his book is an enthralling read, but I'm afraid it's much more of a wish-fulfillment than his books usually are. A non-governmental organization takes on the job of assassinating identified terrorists....since the CIA can't. hmm, not too realistic....

Friday and Saturday nights were Dungeonmaster; the episode was written by Liz, and the players Friday night did a brilliant job. Both nights were very entertaining, and the show made a profit both nights, though it was a close call the second night. Apparently, August is like that for theater productions.

Sunday night, forestcats and I went to see Craig Shoemaker at The Improv, Ontario. He gave us about 90 minutes of material, and it was a scream. Well worth the time.

A bit more when I can get the time together.
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