August 27th, 2003

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I finished two books in the last week or so. Just haven't had time to sit down and write to LJ about it. The first probably shouldn't count at all, but it was so cute I have to post it just to let folks know about it.

It was: Craig Shoemaker's What You Have Now... What Your Daddy Had Then. It is a children's book that shows on the left page in color various luxuries (sp?) of modern life, while on the right page it shows in black & white what CS had as an equivalent in the 50s & 60s. Cute and interesting; we bought it at a CS comedy show at the Improv in Ontario Mills a bit over a week ago.

The other book I finished is Crown of Slaves by David Weber & Eric Flint. Set in the Honor Harrington universe (first book of which is On Basilisk Station for those interested), it might well be described as a rollicking space opera, set in lots of different worlds and space stations and space ships. I really enjoy the HH series; this book isn't quite up to the usual quality, but it's not bad, and since I hear that DW is not going to release anything soon, due to life changes (moving homes, etc), I'll take what I can get. To me, the HH series appears to be refighting the Napoleonic Wars in a space venue; if so, this book details the revolution in Haiti. Worth a read, IMHO.

Recent activities have mostly been associated with work, especially as the month winds down. forestcats has been painting the master bathroom and replacing fixtures with the help of friends' teens. I have managed to watch 11 of the B5 season 3 episodes on DVD, as well as watching the first of the JMS moderated ones. I love seeing this show again.

Dungeonmaster is going to be at the gaming convention again this weekend near LAX (Westin, I think), and Saturday and Sunday there will be free shows in the theater section of the hotel. Saturday night will be a room party for those interested in meeting some of the cast, and hanging out.

I continue my (failing) search for a complete list of D20 game items, so I can peruse it, and decide what to seek out and what to ignore of the system. I'm not running D20, but I find that good quality or interesting supplements can always be modified for game use.
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