September 4th, 2003

Mr. Princess

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Over the weekend, I managed to read two more Osprey books; one from the New Vanguard series (#61: Fighting Ships of the Far East (1): China and Southeast Asia 202 BC - AD 1419) and one from the Campaign series (#114: Lepanto 1571: The Greatest Naval Battle of the Renaissance). Both were interesting, especially the former, as I used to run a game campaign in an Oriental setting and there had been a naval battle during the campaign. Nice to know what I got wrong, now.

We went to the local game convention over the weekend, and I helped with prep and running Dungeonmaster at the convention. I missed out on it Sunday, due to major car troubles. All around, the weekend was fairly restful.

I'm oncall presently and have been all night....last calls (three of them) arrived at 0315; oy.
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