September 7th, 2003

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Finished The Golden Compass a couple of days back. This happens to be a book recommended by a friend's daughter, and pushed on me when she finished by forestcats. I found myself interested in some of the aspects of the world described, but I couldn't quite feel anything about the protagonist. I will read the other two books of the series.

I received in the mail a catalog from Uncle Hugo's/Uncle Edgar's book store in Minnesota. I've been on their mailing list for years, occasionally ordering, but using the catalogs to warn me of upcoming books (and once in a while, missing them, when a book is announced but doesn't get wide release or any release). I was interested to see that next month several of my favorite authors will be releasing books, including Terry Pratchett, and Bernard Cornwell. I counted six books that will be automatic reads, rather than waiting their turns in the book pile. Pratchett will take priority over any of the others.

I'm oncall this weekend again. It's now Sunday; I have a headache, and over thirty patients at five hospitals are awaiting me, so it's off to work I go.

Hey ho.
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Still oncall; I can't believe how long I sit waiting for nurses to pick up the phone after they page me...or then leave me waiting on hold. Once again it's long enough for me to finish a book. This time it's Chaos and Amber, by Betancourt. Based on Zelazny's Amber (two) series of books, it is intended to be a prequel to the first series. This is the second book (the first's title escapes me), and it's rollicking. It's even fairly explanatory. However, I'd wait for it in pb or read a library version, and only if you really loved the Amber books.

Somehow it just didn't jell for me. I think that Betancourt telegraphed too much of the excitement for me. I couldn't get really excited because I figured things out dozens of pages before he'd reveal his "surprises". I just couldn't get very excited. Not that I'm sorry I read it, mind you. I just don't think it turned out to be worth buying hardcover. The first book of the series is now out in pb; so get that one, if you'd care to, and then check out your local library or interlibrary loan and read the new one.

I'm finding that driving around in this heat (90 degrees F) is getting to me...headachy, thirsty, tired...I'm drinking whatever I can scrounge from the various doctor's lounges at the hospitals I'm working in, but by this time on a Sunday, that's not much. Next stop'll have to be a Circle K or 7-11 for a Gatorade.

LA County Fair starts soon; I hope we'll mostly go at night, as I don't feel up to visiting during the day's heat.

Next weekend ladyarcana55 will be having a birthday bash; I'm really looking forward to I slump my way through the upcoming week.

Still working my way through Season 3 of B5; just watched Walkabout. I wonder why Lyta didn't recognize Kosh in Sheridan? Or did Kosh protect himself?

We also watched a DVD of The Jerk a couple of nights ago. Somehow I don't find that one such a great film. Steve Martin in LA Story is a classic, though. I haven't seen everything he did, but LA Story is one of my favorite comedies.

...and now, by public demand, I return to my duties...
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