September 22nd, 2003

us two in Chicago

Further adventures in the weekend.

Friday night was Dungeonmaster, yet again. We drove to the show with an acquaintance who came down from the High Desert to participate; he and we enjoyed ourselves, especially as this month the show was blessed with the participation of a former audience member from Chicago. Joe had been very active in the show back then, and he still retains high quality acting skills, with an outstanding speaking voice. He brought a sword that he'd ordered from, an outstanding piece of foam technology....and he left it with us to use at the show...I'm champing at the bit to go and use it onstage, especially as...

forestcats found me a snake suit to wear at DM.....oh, it's way too small, but it is modifiable, and I could then use the leant sword and a shield and play a snake/man warrior.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anyway, Saturday we rested a bit, then hightailed it out to the San Fernando Valley to catch the second show of Dungeonmaster. In one scene, the monster (a wereboar) expressed dismay at the absence of his partner, Ramsey. The pair had been in several previous adventures, usually working as guards. In this one, the second wereboar's actor wasn't present. So, spur of the moment, one of the players threw a spell summoning Ramsey. At this, one of the actresses (aware of the lack of available staff to replace the missing monster) looked straight at me, and said (as best I recollect it): "Go!" I pulled off my shirt (these particular monsters generally came onstage shirtless, or at most, in a vest), ran out of the theater, around the back, and popped in from another entrance into a front roll ending in a crouch. The scene was set in a Labrynth, and so I played my character as getting enraged by being dragged back into it, transforming into boar form, and attacking the party. I heard one of them throw a spell freezing the monsters into a block of ice, and stopped after killing a paladin, unfortunate enough to be caught in front of me without a magical weapon. forestcats was amused, as was much of the audience...I retrieved my shirt, and returned to my seat, pleased to have, fun, fun.

Sunday we spent in a mix of hanging out with one of forestcats college friends and her extended family; she's married into a Chinese family, and she was in town for a wedding; they were kind enough to permit us to visit in the midst of a post-wedding reception for family, so we chatted and shared in the food. Later, she and her husband and kids stopped by to visit our menagerie; it was nice to have the visit.

Now it's back to being oncall; I already have a page to catch up on.
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I'm clearly never going to burn up the world with the frequency of my posts. Mostly, it's a question of time; I spend much more time reading my friends' posts then I ever do writing.....
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