October 2nd, 2003

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I finished The Sandman: Endless Nights last night; it's a graphic novel in hardcover which I got from Amazon.com, containing small pieces by a variety of artists each one about a different member of Dream's family. All were interesting, though Despair was a bit disturbing, in true Vertigo fashion. For those who like Neil Gaiman, it's a definite yes. For those unexposed to Sandman, start with the graphic novels first, to get up to speed.

Contract negotiations are now stalled on my side, with the contract sent out to my lawyer/sister in Northridge. When she gets to it, she'll let me know...I just hope she won't take too long, as I'd like to make a decision, or a counter-offer soon, before exhaustion lays me low.

In a little more than a week, forestcats and I will be going to New Orleans! I'm supposed to be learning about new medical therapies, and treatment strategies; I expect I'll be resting, wandering the French Quarter, eating like a pig, and generally having a good time. My body is warning me that the time for a good vacation is past due, so I hope to pay it back with The Big Easy.

I'll be oncall again this weekend; got to hang on until the weekend following....
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