October 20th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

way behind

I haven't posted in forever due to travel, and not being willing to pay internet cafe prices for computer time to catch up on (an enormous pile of) LJ friends' posts. forestcats and I went to New Orleans, and did a lot of walking and eating and visiting and viewing and eating and eating and a theme may be showing here....

I managed to finish three books in the interim; Heretic by Bernard Cornwell, Osprey Fortress #5: Japanese Castles 1540 - 1640, and The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. Cornwell's book finishes a trilogy about the search for the Holy Grail during the Hundred Years' War; Jordan's book is the 4th of 10 in the series of endless thousand page books, God help me. The Osprey is interesting, and may not be as useful as I might have hoped for my Rolemaster game, as it is in a period in which firearms were in use. Still, interesting, with some good maps and cutaway artworks.

Later today, I turn in my resignation from the group I'm presently working for; I will start with a smaller group in an office setting in about a month. I can't even begin to comment on how relieved I am; not yet, and maybe not until I'm actually out of here, but I'm definitely happy about the upcoming change.

Obviously, we've been busy.

On the weekend following our return from New Orleans, we went to Dungeonmaster twice (Friday and Saturday nights), and the DM cast and some of the associated audience members put together a reading, with minimal costumes, of A Winter's Tale, as a local theater was having a Shakespeare-athon. It went very well....especially the scene where the noble has the instruction: Exit, pursued by a bear (the person playing the bear put on a Chicago Bear's shirt, and chased and tackled him, growling). Dungeonmaster was invaded by several new folks who'd had experience with LARPing, and they loved it; one of them has asked to be considered for a space on the cast. Great news.

For the details about our trip to New Orleans, I recommend reading forestcats posts on the subject; she has more time to write what she felt about the whole thing.
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