October 30th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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It's been several days; once again it's the end of the month, and many patients yet to be seen for their monthly visits.

The wildfires have dumped loads of ashes on us, and made the air difficult for an asthmatic like me to breathe, but today we have a marine layer that rolled in from the Pacific, and the air is a bit better. There's rumors of rain in 1-3 days, which can only help control matters up in the mountains.

Last weekend, we managed to get up into the mountains east of the fires to a community called Oak Glen, where they grow apples for picking and eating. There was clean air to be had there, though a fire broke out on the next ridgeline as we were leaving; later, I heard that that new (Yucaipa) fire was knocked down in a couple of hours.

We rented several films lately. I watched The Matrix: Reloaded in DVD....and I guess that it was worth $3.79 to watch, but I'm glad I didn't shell out $19.00 for the two of us to watch it on the big screen. We also watched Phonebooth, which I didn't care for, and which made forestcats irritable, something which I don't much care for. Later in the weekend, I watched Bulletproof Monk, which had a few cute moments, but I like Jackie Chan better.

From my collection of DVDs, last night I watched two while waiting up for forestcats to get home from a mercy mission (friends of ours live in the path of the wildfires, up in the High Desert in the town of Apple Valley...my beloved got a call from them, and raced up the I-15 (just barely recently reopened as Devore (the site of the Southern Renaissance Faire) had been stabilized from the fires) to go and help out.) (How's that for creative use of parentheses?) While waiting and worrying, I watched The Sum of All Fears (what a great film to watch when worried!) and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Keanu Reeves should have stuck to playing Ted.

I'll be oncall this weekend, which means that I'll miss all the trick-r-treaters at our home, and any Halloween parties that we might have been invited to. However, this will be my last weekend oncall for this group, as my last day with them will be 11/19 (hooray!).
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