November 6th, 2003

us two in Chicago

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Of course, I'm oncall, waiting on hold for an ER doctor to pick up. (Now I'm waiting for an intern to respond).

forestcats has put up a fantastic window dressing over our bedroom's western's worked out so well that she's going to do the same (but larger) on our north window. It's going to be great for stabilizing the temperature in the room (heat in summer, cold in winter). She's also presently working on carpeting our staircase; the previous carpet has been slowly replaced in the house (it was 15 years old when we bought the place; we've been in the house for more than 10 years; way past its prime). Once the staircase is done, we have the bedrooms and the upstairs corridor, and then basically everything is done for the floor.

Things seem to be falling into place fairly well as far as my changing jobs. Problems include me having to be oncall for Thanksgiving, but my call may be far less onerous (sp?) than it has been.

I spent a while last night watching Time Bandits on DVD. Although it continues to have moments that I really enjoyed (like the parents blowing up, or the parts with Sean Connery), I can see that it isn't holding up too well to the slowly grinding wheels of time. I think it may be about time to take another look at Labrynth and see if it still holds my interest...

Dungeonmaster is going to be on this weekend, specifically Friday night at 11PM. For those interested, take a look at and see the trailer and whatnot. Also, thefreak is bragging; he's tapped to be the party's guide for the show, a first opportunity for him. I can't wait to see how he does.

forestcats did a great job last night making Curried Potatoes with our meal. I just want everyone to know that she's a great cook!
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