November 8th, 2003

baby Mouser

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Happy Birthday to lifeofreilly.

Thanks to alphafenris who pointed me at the which I had never heard of before. I can see me using this a lot more. I always wondered how some people knew about birthdays; I couldn't see me looking daily at all my friends pages to find it out.

Last night was Dungeonmaster; the show was fun. There were a number of newbies at the show, but all of the players were experienced (at least one previous time onstage). There was a new cast member, a fellow who last show had just found the play; he was fantastic at throwing spells at the while he played a DeathMage. Also, thefreak for the first time acted as The Guide, the cast member that leads the players through the adventure. I leant him a fantastic boffer sword that Joe left here for us to use while he returned to Chicago; it was perfect for his character, a duelist. All-in-all, great fun.

Did some cleanup in the computer room (one room in our house is designated for the computer stations, to avoid cat accidents destroying hardware, or paper goods of importance.) This caused cherylkat great glee. We managed to clean up about one sixth of the space, but that still is quite an accomplishment. I'm delighted.

I'm now down to two remaining oncall days before the new job starts. Hooray!
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