November 10th, 2003

Mr. Princess

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On the one hand, it was a busy weekend; on the other, I haven't had so much rest outside of vacations in months if not years.

Friday night was Dungeonmaster, and thefreak did a good job as the Guide for the adventuring party. It's not his fault that two members enjoyed being evil better than being good. The Ogre ended up being in the employ of the villain, and the little girl joined him with gusto. We followed that with a late night feeding at Sittin's (like Denny's but the food is better).

Next day we rested. AND WE STARTED CLEANING OUT THE COMPUTER ROOM. This is truly a job of Biblical proportions, folks, and the fact that we managed to clear out about a third to just under half of the junk is amazing. 5 trash can fills are out, and there is another pending my return home. It's much more livable in there now.

On Sunday, the following: drop off cookie dough at my cousin's (from my sister's kids' sales for school), Dog Park with the two Australian Shepherds, post park sharing of hot dogs with the two lady dogs, then to the carpet store to pay for new carpet for the staircase (goes in on Friday), then Home Depot for one thing or another. A bunch of unusual light bulbs were picked up and replaced, making manuevering around and outside the house safer. Finally, I sat down to the computer and managed to fix a number of problems that all seemed to be due to conflicts with a software package foisted on me by a friend; what can you do? He meant well.

I managed to load Diable II, Pharoah, and Cleopatra; I uninstalled Morrowind as the software is too powerful for my system. And now the internet works like it's supposed to.

Watched a DVD with the first episode of Secret Agent (Danger Man in Britain), an old B&W TV show of the 60s that led to the cult show The Prisoner. Later that night, watched the DVD version of The Hunt for Red October; I really liked Sean Connery in that, though Tim Curry was pretty ineffectual.

All in all, quite the weekend, especially since we got plenty of sleep!
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