November 12th, 2003

baby Mouser

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Whew! Another day to work through; it's now T-minus one week before I move on to a new job. Just one more oncall day and four more work days.

forestcats and I spent last evening watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; next week they start a new set of 5 episodes on top of the original 10. It's kind of fun to see the shows and see if they manage to do the guy any good; it's even better to cuddle up with my beloved for any reason at all. I hope the upcoming episodes are as good as the best of the last 10.

Came home to take out Chinese from our favorite local restaurant. forestcats stated that it wasn't worth it to get take out from bad restaurants that are closer, as I was wolfing down the very good dishes that she'd purchased.

I got some interesting news yesterday; a nursing supervisor from a facility I work out of regularly came to Dungeonmaster with her son last episode. She was pleased to tell me that for the next episode (11/21), her son is planning to go again, and bring friends. This is what I'd call good news.
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