November 17th, 2003

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As the weekend winds down, and we enter the work week:

Yesterday, dishes open the day after clearing my email. axelicious and Liz joined us for brunch, then he and I prepared a couple of maps for his character in my World of the Three Moons using Campaign Cartographer 2 software. Not bad, not as easy to use as I'd hoped for, but not bad all-in-all. Then, he helped me with some furniture moving, and then Liz and forestcats cleared some of the garage clutter by dumping some of the Dungeonmaster costumes.

In the late afternoon/early evening, forestcats and I went to Sherman Oaks to meet my family at The Galleria, to have a birthday party for my father. My sisters (youngest with her husband and three kids; middle sister with her boyfriend) were present as well. 11 in total, trying to get a bunch of tables at The Cheesecake Factory (wasted effort, food boring, poor service, interminable wait) Dad's choice of venue. He wants it, he gets it. Interestingly enough, my BIL got catfish; he and my sister keep a Kosher house, and yet... We had fun with my nieces and nephew, although my youngest sister was a pill.

After that, we headed back to Liz & axelicious's apartment in S.O., and while there, Liz received a call from one of the cast who can't make it to Dungeonmaster next weekend. I've been asked to fill in her three scenes; I'm waiting for the scenario, and fretting about costumes. forestcats is amused.

Boy, I sure do like this /portal to update with.
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Stuck at the hospital on my last night oncall; kid took Jimson Weed, and really fucked up his mind. He was sent over from the psych hospital; he coded once he got into the hospital bed. A mess.

I find myself extremely irritated on the phone tonight, as call after call comes in. I guess I'm feeling very much like "I'm almost out of here, don't bother me." It so bothers me that I've been made so callus (sp?) by the last five years of work. I'm fuming, though it's not always the fault of the folks calling.

forestcats has, in her journalling today, mentioned in great detail why the events of the last day or so are an irritant. I, too, am pretty pissed at the family problems. Can't really get into it just now due to fatigue; maybe later.