November 18th, 2003

Columbia launch

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Just over 25 hours remain with me on the payroll of my present job. Not that I'm counting, mind you. Just noting.

Hard time last night oncall, with a lot of calls, many of which were incredibly stupid. My irritation level was really high; much higher than usual. I got stuck standing outdoors for nearly half an hour on my work cell phone until the battery ran down with call after call from ERs and nursing homes and psych wards and Board & Cares, and then I still had to borrow forestcats personal cell phone to finish up three more calls. Good grief. I can't imagine the new job having the same sort of tomfoolery, though, of course, I will have some sort of oncall work to do.

I've been asked by the staff at Dungeonmaster to be another onstage monster in some scenes, as they are short of cast, and they need someone who has a clue about how to deal with onstage slow-motion combat. I've now read the scenario, and I think that they are looking for some trouble with it, but it is a cool experiment. I can't wait for the show, less because of my part in it, but more because unwilly has suggested he will be there. I know a number of people who LJ that go to the show, several of whom I have befriended, but I really would like to attract folks to the show who LJ but didn't join LJ from knowing the show folks. (I don't know if I'm making sense; we'll see how Friday night goes.)

For those of you local, look at for info, and please come to the show this week. For those of you not; if you plan on going to the GenCon West show in Anaheim, Dungeonmaster is going to be there for two shows; come and watch!

I have to admit, the lifechanges that are about to arrive are concerning me quite a bit, but the reality is that I do like working in Urgent Care and in an office environment; I have always hated nursing home work, and I've always had trouble dealing with the rather low quality nursing staff generally working at such places. I really can't wait to pull out the old skills, shake the dust off of them, and learn a few new ones. (this office has paperless charting; I will have to learn their computer programs to do my charting; this is cool by me)

I'm tired. Can you tell?
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