November 24th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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OK, so it's been a few days. Friday was my first in my new office space, and we found a number of kinks in the system. As it is Monday already, and several kinks have been worked out, I have nothing to bitch about, and so I won't. Let's just say that it was a momentary unpleasantness which is being dealt with appropriately.

Friday afternoon I was back in the main office of my new group, and we did well, seeing plenty of patients.

Then, Friday night was Dungeonmaster. I had been asked to help fill up the cast, and I participated in several sections of the show. The opening monolog (sp?) (monologue?) is accentuated with a demonstration of slow-motion combat by two of the cast; generally, the cast members are trying their best to get the Dungeonmaster character to break character and laugh. I was tapped to participate with one of the more experienced cast members: it went well. We imitated Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, with my chatter being based on the Interior Decorator and the Groomer: his were the Clothing and Cooking. Then, once we were both collapsed dead bodies on the floor, the Dungeonmaster stood over me and taunted me causing great hilarity. Perfect. I was later a minion of Sinestra, an evil sorceress, who tortured me in a fit of pique; a goblin as part of a goblin army (who started chopping off other goblin parts to gnaw (have to keep your strength up, you know)); a bugbear who starts a fight with the adventurers; and an irregular fountain in a swamp of horrible stench. In the latter, apparently each time I fired, I was hitting the other actor (fountain) in the face, however, for those who didn't immediately notice, I was also hitting myself. At the end, I felt that the show had gone as well as the script would permit, with several good scenes, including the gargoyle (played by Suki) and the Twister game (played by Greg).

Saturday, I worked again, then at home we did some of the cleanup. This weekend, we finished all the laundry we could find, and finally saw the floor!

Sunday, a bit more work, and more cleanup; some more to do yet including much work in the kitchen/den and the living room before the visitors arrive Thursday.

I'm now full-time in the "permanent" office space, and I'm slowly starting to bring my personal items for the office. Rumor is that it might be conveerted into another exam room, so I'm mostly bringing just texts. Still, nice to be here!
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