November 28th, 2003

us two in Chicago

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First of all, happy birthday to dbroussa. It must be irritating to have your special celebration in such close contact with other holidays. Enjoy yours!

Yesterday, as I was stepping out of our front door to get to work, 5 of our day's guests were just arriving, having driven straight through the night from Albuquerque (sp?). Two others had spent the night, so a third of our guests were already there, with not all of the house preparation completed, and with me having to go to the hospital for an hour or so. Hurrying back, even more had arrived by the time I got home, and folks continued to arrive in dribs and drabs the remainder of the night (including two who got there hours after the feast, having not yet eaten, and were met by plates loaded with the goodies that remained). forestcats prepared a number of deep aluminum roasting pans with a selection of leftovers including turkey, three kinds of stuffing, oyster pie, salad, bean casserole, rolls, etc.; these were handed out to the participants as they left. Now, there's some pies left (pumpkin and raspberry), and some of the oyster pie, a couple bottles of wine, but not much else. What a party!

After I finish rounding at the hospital, we are going to make an appearance at LosCon (only because it's the only SFcon in town); tomorrow, I have office hours, but we'll join several friends at the Land the Mouse Built (Disneyland, to the uninitiated), and Sunday, some of our friends are putting on a D&D game for some of the Dungeonmaster crew who've never played; we are intending to participate. I haven't had such a full weekend in quite some time.

I haven't had time to ruminate on the joy that forestcats and I felt with the number of friends with whom we shared yesterday's holiday; however, we are very blessed with friends of various ages, interests, and backgrounds. I look to them not to pay us back for the experiences that we've shared, but to pay it forward to those they meet in the future; I think that is a way to make the future a better place.

Happy holiday weekend all and sundry!
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