November 30th, 2003

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So. Friday and Saturday have now passed.

Friday, we visited LosCon, and I picked up a few books. We supported our friends from Xcentricities (they make corsets as well as some rather hot jewelry) in their room party, to sell their wares. We finished the day with a stop at Mon Sushi in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd.; their food is rather good, and fairly reasonably priced for the genre.

Saturday, I worked until mid-afternoon, and then changed clothes and joined the crowd at Disney's California Adventure. (Actually, I met forestcats at the ticket booths; she had me buy an annual pass, something that didn't make sense at my prior job, as I never had enough time to think of going to Disneyland more than once a year; then we entered Disneyland so that I could get my photo/card combo for future use). The California Adventure isn't bad; it's very much like a County Fair or State Fair done up Disney style; I just like Disneyland better. We finished up our visit to Anaheim by eating at Joe's Crab Shack south of the theme parks on Harbor Blvd. The food was fairly good, and reasonably priced. Then, we returned home with those friends crashing with us to watch Finding Nemo to entertain the youngest, as well as one of the adults who had yet to see it. (Judy C.)

Oh, yes, we've had an everchanging crowd staying with us since Thanksgiving; it varies based on what's happening the next day. The guys from Xcentricities have stayed in a hotel room in Burbank to run sales of corsets out of their room; they are supposed to be here later today to take the rest of the family back to Disneyland itself. Judy and Kristin are going with them, and Glen and Kevin are going to meet them there. However, forestcats and I will be going to axelicious and Liz's place for a D&D game run by the former and sewyrn. Several Dungeonmaster folks will be there, so it should be quite interesting.

I'm working on finishing a couple more books this next week...more on that later.

Oh, and on Thanksgiving, we watched the Extended Version of the Two Towers; however, I was busy being a host, so I only really saw a part of the whole, and will need to try it again from the top sometime soon. We also put on the first Harry Potter film, as Liz hadn't seen them. We'll see if we manage to show her the other before she leaves town to Minnesota...
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Just finished "Got War?" by G. B. Trudeau, the latest Doonesbury book. A while back, I read one of the early Doonesbury's for no particular reason, but I was intrigued with it. I found it an interesting sideview of recent US/World history. I followed up by chasing down all the previous books, and read them in release order. It was a fascinating commentary on US affairs from the start of the series. Now, I pick them up as released, but I suspect that others would find it a neat way to learn about US history since the late 60s/early 70s until the present. I would recommend it and all the prior ones.

Work today was rounding at one hospital on one patient. I've been oncall for over a week; however, the total number of phone calls that I've received is less than the number I used to get in my old job in the first hour. OH MY GOD, am I pleased.
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