December 1st, 2003

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So, axelicious and sewyrn ran a game of D&D using version 3.5 of the rules (D20), of which I know nothing. So, I just played, letting them tell me what they needed me to roll or whatnot. forestcats, thefreak and several others played as well.

They had pre-rolled a bunch of 5th level characters for us, with a variety of skills. I admit to grumbling through much of the game, as the spell selection and skill selection of my pre-rolled character didn't match my normal choices. However, they did include a number of useful things, so I will not complain now. Not at all. Not even a little. Not me. No.

A few of us were experienced gamers; some pretended to experience, and others had never played before. Those less experienced were specifically there for the one-shot to help them learn about role-playing as a Dungeonmaster exercise, to improve the show. Most of the players and gamemasters were either cast members, or audience members of the show, you see.

There was a lot of initial fussing and fumbling, not unexpected in a group thrown together for the first time adventuring. Later, when the fat was in the fire, the group held together much better. Nobody died, though Suki's character came closest a couple of times. Then home afterwards.

Not a bad outing, and the D20 rules seem much better than the old AD&D rules that I used to use back in the days before Rolemaster. Still, half of my fun is building characters from scratch, and so playing a pre-rolled one is "sort of like kissing your sister".
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