December 3rd, 2003

Columbia launch

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Managed to finish a couple of books while doing laundry and whatnot yesterday:

First of all, I read Heart of Darkness by Conrad; this was downloaded to my PDA. I had heard that this novel was the inspiration for the movie Apocalypse Now, and I can certainly see that in the general run of the book. Not a bad read, but much of the feeling has been superceded by time. The deeper themes, though, remain the same.

Secondly. I've refused to buy new Star Trek books for about two years; considering that I started collecting them with the very first release by James Blish, this is saying a lot. However, I made a note to pick them up when I find them at used book stores: so I bought The Last Roundup. Reading it, simply put, suggested that I had made a very good decision by not buying it new. What more can I say?

So, yesterday forestcats was ill, and as I was off work, I spent most of the day doing housey things, and nursing her. She got lots of Gatorade, and I read to her a couple of times. Late in the day, she perked up, and we took the dogs to Dog Park, and then off we went to feed forestcats. In the evening, we watched a bit of TV, including the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and then I went to bed. Most of the laundry done, it was a successful day.
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Mr. Princess

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Thank goodness, I've finally finished The Late Mr. Shakespeare by Robert Nye. Mr. Nye has written a number of novels which deal biographically with a number of fictional and non-fictional but mythic characters throughout history. This latest novel is purportedly written by one of Shakespeare's players, in which he discusses many of the questions surrounding the playwright. Much that is apochryphal (sp?), and much that is documented is covered in an interesting tone. I found the novel just a bit hard to read, because of the switches from poetic to erotic to morbid, but overall it was worth the read, something I can say about most of the author's novels.

Work starts in a couple of hours, so I've been puttering around the house, catching up on some housework (finishing the laundry, as much as it can ever really be finished), clearing emails, and reading a bit (as noted above). Looking forward to the weekend, as Dungeonmaster will be Friday night again, and there will be a Yankee Swap at Liz & axelicious's place. I have my gift already; just need to wrap it.
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