December 8th, 2003

us two in Chicago

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I'm pleased tonight.

Home from my new job, I had a new patient today that floored me. It turns out that I used to be the doctor for his father, about five years ago, at my prior, prior job with Friendly Hills Medical Group. His father had spoken highly of me, apparently, and my absence from FHMG was noted. When I joined this group two weeks or so ago, and the son arranged his appointment, he thought it was just a similar name, but it was actually me. Now THAT'S Family Practice!

Watched the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean last night, and enjoyed it all over again. Even recognized some interesting throwaways bits that I missed the first time through in the theater. Very good piece of work.

forestcats and the two dogs (Barbie & Sirius) dropped by my work during my lunchbreak, and we hung out for a while. Altogether a pleasant day.
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