December 13th, 2003

Columbia launch

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We're going to GenCon West today for the first of two Dungeonmaster shows. The planned room holds somewhere between 60 & 100 people, so anything over 40 would be a gas. There is a group in the dealers room that are selling LARP padded weapons; not pretty, but they are quite functional to the purpose. They include shields; few folk at Dungeonmaster are allowed shields due to the increased chance of actor injury onstage. I'm mildly tempted, but I already have a shield from an SCA event, so I probably won't get any new one.

Work is much more enjoyable than was my last job. I'm there now, and a patient is ready, so I'm off to do my duty!
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Dead Dog Cat

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Forgot to mention that we rented a number of DVDs: watched X2 again, and caught a few more tidbits that I missed on viewing it in the theater; then we watched 8 Mile last night, and had another of those wretched DVD crashes; Hollywood Video is really not making much money off of us, if they keep adding freebies due to DVD damage. It might be worth their while to check the DVDs as they return to make sure they haven't been scratched. forestcats went out before they closed to trade for a clean DVD, and we finished the film. Interesting, and I found I liked Eminem's character; I'll have to see what, if anything, he does in the future. I also liked the fact that the movie wasn't really about winning, but about getting by, and changing attitudes to aim for the future. Not bad, at all.