December 15th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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Weekend! We spent much time at GenCon West, though we didn't play many games. forestcats and I helped get Dungeonmaster running at GenCon; letting axelicious, thefreak and all the others get the show on the road, as it were. We had a good DM cast party after the Saturday show with pizza, mead, port, white wine, and a bunch of the actors and hangers-on playing D20 (many for the first time). Sunday's show went better than Saturday's; the Fighters Mighty was topical, using the recent capture of S. Hussein as the backdrop.

However, GenCon itself was a disappointment to a guy who used to go to the old ones back in Wisconsin....far enough back to have met Fritz Leiber, Gary Gygax, etc. at the old Lake Geneva, WI Playboy Resort....somehow, it just wasn't the same. For that matter, many game companies weren't exhibitors at the show. The bright spot is that the crew seems determined to make it work; so I look forward to improvements in the future shows (they've committed to two more at least).
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