December 17th, 2003

Mouser tree

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I've finished a book by David Drake called The Far Side of the Stars; it is the third in a series of space opera that emulates the Patrick O'Brian books for space navy operations. (I recognized this, and emailed the author to see if I was right about his influences; he agreed). I've been enjoying the series very well, and would recommend the books for a fun read.

Happy birthday greetings to lonesomenumber1, and I hope that the weather is fine, and that a hearty party is had.

Had considered going to the 0715 show of LOTR:TROTK, but there's too much else to be done around the house before the cookie exchange this weekend. Also, forestcats will be taking neighbors and friends around the neighborhood in the carriage for viewing the holiday lights and caroling. I'm not sure when that will start, but it will definitely be on Monday night and on Xmas Eve.
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