December 22nd, 2003

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First of all, happy birthday radiofreerlyeh!

The weekend was another busy time, as we had Dungeonmaster Friday night, a holiday cookie exchange at our house Saturday, and a Hanukkah celebration at my parents' place on Sunday.

Friday, we didn't get going very early, but made it to the site well before the show. The prior show's load-out went as badly as before, but once in place, we generated a fair number of ticket sales. Lots of prior folks returning; a few newcomers; it was a fun night.

Saturday, I worked again, and, once home, cleaned. Folks started arriving at 1630 hrs for a party scheduled to start at 1600, of course. First we had the potluck; forestcats's Hungarian Goulash definitely hit the spot; one of the crowd mixed goulash with jambalaya (also made by forestcats) and called the concoction Joulash... {ah yes, that was girlwonder_01} Then the cookies! Most folks made interesting and tasty items; thefreak brought some very interesting Japanese store-bought cookies due to his lack of time to cook (or was it a lack of baking competence? Who knows?); Amanda, girlwonder_01, and their friend who never speaks brought bought Chips Ahoy (um, ew); Carli (sp?) brought some items she had made herself, but not as many as everyone else had; nonetheless, an equitable distribution occured, and then the fun began. Party games (Jenga), chatting, music, cookies, fudge, cookies, and then some more cookies. Suddenly, someone suggested to one and all that we should think about going to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the being 2130 hrs by this time, it seemed unlikely; forestcats leaped up to our computer; discovered that our closest theater (15 or so blocks away) had a 2145 show, and off we all went, managing to miss the commercials, but not the trailers, and we watched the movie without missing a beat.

Sunday, off to my parents. My nieces and nephew were fairly well-behaved, though Grace did try to finagle Disney pins out of my wife, even though they were about to get Hanukkah gifts. We had something vaguely resembling a Yankee Swap, though forestcats and I probably brought the nicest things for folks to get. We weren't supposed to buy anything for the adults, however, my Mother ignored these constraints, though she pretended that the gifts just magically appeared by the fireplace. In the end, the haul wasn't much for us, but the kids loved their gifts (Sally was especially cute as she hugged the box that the Danish Princess Barbie came in). Then, on the way home, I snagged some back issues of some comics I hadn't been following the way I wanted to (The Way of the Rat, The Path, Lone Wolf 2100) as well as two from a spin-off of the first of those titles. Still have a bunch to find, it appears. We also stopped at The Last Grenadier in Burbank, where I found a Rolemaster rulebook recently released called Construct Companion with rules for golems and similar items; we also had a chat with a gentleman we recognized from OrcCon; he runs security there, and we had interacted with him through Dungeonmaster.

Not a bad weekend, all in all. I actually feel pretty refreshed from it all, though forestcats is most likely pretty exhausted. She also got word that her step-father is in the hospital with pneumonia in Las Vegas; she'll be on her way there in the next few days.

Right now, forestcats is back at my parents having a play day with my sister's kids. They are using Grandma's kitchen to make applesauce from scratch (wish I was there, but work goes on). Hope that'll be a fun memory for all of them in the future.

Oh, and as to had everything that I'd hoped for, though obviously not everything in the book. I can't wait now to see the extended version in the second DVD; I can't imagine watching for 4 1/2 hrs, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were that long.
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