December 25th, 2003

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First of all, I finished For Us, The Living; it is a posthumously published novel by Robert Heinlein; it was thought destroyed, as it was his first rejected novel, and he had destroyed his own copy before his death. Another copy was found in a researcher's garage, and led to publication for folks to see the evolution of the Heinlein style. I would suggest thst this book is really for the Heinlein completist, and isn't one of his best works.

I've been catching up on some comic runs that I've neglected for quite a while. I guess Lone Wolf 2100 ended before it was intended to; I found the storyline interesting for a post-apocalyptic world. I also read the run of The Silken Ghost, which I found interesting, and it gives me grist for the mill in my Rolemaster game. I'm now working my way through a number of issues of The Path, to be followed by Way of the Rat, though I'm missing issue 14 of the latter.

It's been a switch actually being home to spend time with forestcats, as I generally am oncall as I'm the Jewish doctor in groups typically heavily Christian. Also, it's been fun watching forestcats constantly sweeping her hair back to allow the light to glint off her new gift from me....(diamond stud earrings...). She's going to round with me today at the hospitals and one nursing home; who knows, maybe this evening she'll be able to take out the carriage; couldn't last night as it was raining here.

Last night, we watched two movies on DVD. The first was interesting and a bit uncomfortable to watch, called The Man from Elysian Fields. An author, desperate to make some money for his wife and family goes to work for an escort agency. Odd piece of work. The other one we watched was Holes, which was a delightful item, and worth watching.

It's about time I went to work, now. More later, or soon.

Happy holidays!
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