December 26th, 2003

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It seems my AOL account has been hacked again. I didn't manage to reset my password in time, so I have to wait for forestcats to get in touch with the security office at AOL to get the passwords reset. Fiddlesticks!

I spent much of yesterday evening reading; some comics (The Path; The Way of the Rat; Asterix the Gaul), the latter of which is the most recent published book of which I'm aware, Asterix and the Actress. The Path is based in someplace vaguely like Japan; the issue I ended my read with included a character from The Way of the Rat. The latter comic is based in something vaguely like China, or perhaps Korea. Interesting reads: I'm missing The Way of the Rat #14, so I have a bunch yet to read to catch up.

I watched Scrooged, followed by Unforgiven last night as forestcats snoozed post-turkey. I love Scrooged as a holiday movie; the other film was just sitting there waiting to be watched at some point. Unforgiven has some very strong characterization points; it's especially good in that nobody is fully good or bad in the film.
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